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We were paying far too much each monthy for massages, light therapy and acupuncture to get rid of his troublesome neck and back discomfort and thankfully I found the Buddy Light. Its a perfect solution to helping him get rid of all the pesky pains and aches with a simple hand held solution that I can apply myself. Its a no brainer for the price. Happy I purchased ours :)

The Buddy Light has been a life changer for us. When he gets a flare ups of pain or discomfort the Buddy Light is our go to solution, it sits right on my night stand with me and instantly offers a sense of relief so he can feel good and live his best life! I couldn't possibly recommend it more!

We bought the Buddy Light to help us with the everyday discomfort from previous IVDD. My Dog is 12 years old and was in constant states of pain and restlessness. I keep a Buddy Light near us anytime we are in the house for instant quick relief. It takes 10 minutes for her to feel good and act normal. Such a blessing in my life, easily worth it. He acts like a puppy again. Im just so Happy.



All PetGizmoā„¢ products are backed with a 1 year warranty, a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping! We also offer a lifetime warranty for $5!

PetGizmoā„¢ orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere in the united states in an average 5-10 days.


This device uses cold laser therapy technology and combines it with a precision directed amplified light for heat reduction, delivering a cool and safe light treatment. Your Pet will love their sessions.


While the device sooths and relaxes the surrounding muscles and greatly increasing blood circulation to the injured area, our cold laser only raises the directly treated area by a few degrees in temperature.

There is both immediate and long term healing and growth benefits.

Durring the first few minutes... the laser will decrease bradykinin: a pain eliciting chemical that decreases nerve sensitivity..

Shortly after, the laser helps release enkephalins and natural endorphins that work as natural pain relievers to create a pain block to the area.

Even as early as the first treatment, the lasers light waves can stimulate all the way through the tissue, muscles, and joints for an instant relief.

The main benefits of using cold laser therapy is to help reduce inflammation while stimulating your pet's natural healing process. This is exactly how to achieve fast positive lasting effects. Cold laser theropy is one of the very few miracle remedies that does this naturally.


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